Journal of Interdisciplinary Research on War and Peace

Polemos is published jointly by Croatian Sociological Association and Jesenski i Turk Publishing House, both in Zagreb, Croatia. It is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic journal covering different aspects of security studies, the study of war and of the military in its sociological, psychological, anthropological, philosophical, economical, demographic, medical, political science and military history perspectives. It invites articles on all war-related phenomena and issues, military organization and institutions, civil-military relations, strategic problems, arms control, peace management, conflict resolution, international relations, international and regional defense mechanisms, and, history of war. The journal has international scope and invites international research and academic community to contribute with submission of articles, commentaries and conference reports.

Polemos is an independent, non-governmental and academic journal, one of the first of its kind in post-communist societies in Central and Eastern Europe. Under communist rule the armed forces were one of the chief ideological and repressive institutions of the regime. The military and security studies were confined to the military and top party structures as their monopoly. On the other hand, civilian social scientists, largely opposed to the regime, regarded these topics as not meriting their attention. The aim of the editors of the Polemos journal is to create a forum for public discussion and a free dialogue between military and civil experts in the field and thus help to eliminate the adverse legacy of totalitarianism and enhance the development of democracy. The editors seek to establish a medium for international exchange of ideas in the domain of the war, strategic, military, security and other related studies, and to help and promote the incorporation of these studies into the framework of social sciences and their logic and methodology.

Polemos is open to all scientists, government officials, military personnel and other authors regardless of their affiliation and nationality. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts in Croatian, English, French, German and Russian languages. Articles are published in original languages or in Croatian translations. Submitted articles could be published before but only in publications in languages other than Croatian. Authors should indicate if the articles was previously published or if the manuscript is simultaneously submitted to other journals. Copyright of the already published articles must be with authors or republication must be permitted from the copyright holder. Manuscripts should be double spaced. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively. Statements of fact and opinions are solely those of authors and are not necessarily endorsed by the Editor or by the Publishers.

Polemos is published twice a year. Depending on inflow of articles it may have several issues a year.

Statements of fact and opinions are solely those of authors and are not necessarily endorsed by the Editor or by the Publishers.

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